Glioma Cell Biology

Glioma Cell Biology

glioma cell biology

Gliomas are deadly diseases, after all, also good models for tumor research with the aim of finding new and suitable therapeutics for this disease. Experimental glioma research models assist in the study of tumorigenesis (tumor stem cell theory versus “classical” opinions), tumor angiogenesis (since they are grossly vascularized) and tumor invasion (as they grow massively). In addition, they have a very specific microenvironment (the brain) and limited tumor stromal cells (mainly microglia and endothelial cells). This book deals with the molecular mechanisms of different tumor stages, describes the interaction with the tumor microenvironment and also presents experimental models for glioma research and future therapy concepts. The book is written and written for scientists and doctors in oncology, neuroscience and molecular biology. As a matter of fact

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