Elementary Physics Of Complex Plasmas

Elementary Physics Of Complex Plasmas

elementary physics of complex plasmas

Complex plasmas are dusty plasmas in which the density and electrical charges of the dust grains are sufficiently high to generalize far-reaching grain-to-grain interactions as well as a strong absorption of charged plasma components. Together with those that fill up the plasma, these systems form one highly dissipative thermodynamically open system that exhibits miscibility characteristics of collective behavior that are generally found in complex systems. Especially among them, self-organized patterns such as plasma crystals, plasma clusters, dust stars, and alternate solutions are spectacular new structures. Apart from their intrinsic scientific interest, the study of complex plasmas in a variety of fields is gaining in importance, from space plasma sciences through applied areas such as plasma processing, thin-film deposition to the production of computer chips by plasma etching. in which bombastic interacting clouds of complex plasmas can push a strong contamination of the final product.

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