Why Do Women End Up On Married Dating Sites?
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Posted by Mark Flynn on July 13, 2013 | Short Link

These past few years, there has been an increase in the percentage of women committing adultery. In an article by womenshealthmag.com, out of 918 respondents 19% of women revealed that they engaged in extramarital affairs or cheated on their boyfriends. It was 5% more than the National Science Foundation’s general survey findings last 2010. The rise is coming closer to the percentage of men having an affair, which is 23%. The rise of the percentage of men committing affairs was 4% more than the findings back in 2010.

“More women are enrolling at married dating sites”

“More women are enrolling at married dating sites”

Affairs are seen in a different light for men and women. Men usually have different purposes for starting an affair. The common case for men is that they are sexually bored with their wives. They are seeking the excitement of a new sexual encounter with a different woman. Most often they still love their wives and would still go back to her. Sexual encounters with a mistress are purely for physical satisfaction. You may often hear men saying that they do not find their wives attractive anymore. They are looking for someone younger, sexier and prettier. However, they still can’t bear the idea of leaving the women they married.
On the other hand, women are more emotional when it comes to affairs. Women think long and hard before straying off from their husbands. Most often they are pushed to start an affair because of a root problem that is destroying their marriage. This root problem may have been plaguing the marriage for many years and it still remains unsolved. Women commit to having an affair because they find emotional comfort and affirmation from their new partner.
Today, many women have a lot of options in finding someone to have an affair with. Aside from the usual encounters in the office or at the gym, the Internet has opened an extensive opportunity for finding potential dates. You can find virtually everything on the Internet. You can type in a few keywords in Google and you will be given a list of results that will answer your query. If you are looking for married dating websites, just do a quick search using the keyword. You then can find a married dating website that will suit your preferences and you can start signing up.
Married dating websites make it easier for women to find men who are fine with having an affair. Married dating websites invite people having the same intent of seeking an affair and gathering them all in one place. Women can literally “shop” for men and potential dates by browsing through thousands of different profiles.
Ashley Madison, one of the most popular married dating websites, have hundreds of thousands of users logging in everyday. Ashley Madison can be seen as a pioneer for married dating websites. Before the creation of Ashley Madison, Noel Bideman noticed that most people who used dating websites were married or were in a relationship. This got him thinking; why not make a dating website specifically for having an affair. This prompted him to create the concept of Ashley Madison, which he is now the CEO. When you enter the Ashley Madison’s website you are welcomed with their slogan “Life is short. Have an affair”.
There are many reasons why women end up on married dating websites. Some of the causes why women cheat are: loss of emotional connection with their husbands, dissatisfaction with sex, revenge, loneliness or just want to finally end the marriage. Basically women are pushed to start an affair because they are feeling miserable with their marriage.

Loss of Emotional Connection

“Losing the emotional connection with your spouse is the worst”

“Losing the emotional connection with your spouse is the worst”

There are a lot of manifestations that a husband and wife have lost their emotional connection. The woman may feel unappreciated because the husband may have consistently ignored her. It may come to a point that they don’t sleep in the same bed anymore. Even this simple sign can gnaw off the intimacy in marriage if it continues to persist for a long time.

Routines can also lead to loss of emotional connection. If there are no activities that will veer off from the mundane routines of everyday, things can get really boring. The spark of the marriage will inevitably fade and when this happens people turn to affairs and end up falling for the married dating scams. There are very few best married dating sites left for the people, who are unhappily married. And dating is the only option left for them to bring some excitement in their boring life.

Dissatisfaction with Sex

“Less sex leads to boring life”

“Less sex leads to boring life”

Some married couples seldom have sex. This could be as seldom as once a month or once in 3 months. This could be because of work or having to take care of the kids. Most often, the husband comes home very tired from work and they don’t have the energy anymore to please their wives. For most housewives, this can be really frustrating. This emotional strain in the marriage will convince them to look for someone else who can fill their dissatisfied sex life. Remember the saying “when the cat is away the mouse will play”?

Revenge, Best Served Cold

“They are looking to get even”

“They are looking to get even”

Wives may have caught their husbands having an affair. For some women they just can’t find it in their hearts to forgive such betrayal. They want their husbands to feel the same pain that they have suffered. Their husbands broke the trust that their wives gave them and it’s not that easy to restore it. They withdraw emotionally, and turn into cold partners, while having sex with someone else.
Another reason why women are fueled by revenge is because they were hurt so bad they are desperately finding someone who can comfort them. Most often they can find this comfort in the arms of another man. During this kind of situation a woman is most vulnerable and weak. The affair may have left her severely disappointed and insecure. Women who suffered from their husband’s affair would willingly hold on to someone who can keep them from breaking apart.

Plain and Basic: Loneliness

Loneliness can drive them to affairs

Loneliness can drive them to affairs

This can stem from the lack of quality time that a husband and wife spend together. The husband may be too busy with his career that he has neglected his wife. She cannot find the intimacy that her husband should be able to give her. It’s not even about sex. Sometimes the sex is still there but its level of “special-ness” has gone. Because of these feelings, she is prompted to seek the attention and affection from another man. Basically a woman is filling an emotional void. Since her husband does not take the time and effort to keep her emotionally happy, she desperately seeks it somewhere else.

Just End it Already

“When things don’t seem to get right, walk away”

“When things don’t seem to get right, walk away”

Her marriage with her husband may have been wrecked with constant fights and cold nights. For the two of them, divorce is just around the corner. They know that the marriage is soon doomed to fail. The marriage is basically a sinking ship waiting for the last part to be submerged. A woman may start looking for another man to be there to save her when the ship finally sinks. She doesn’t want to be alone when the divorce is finally served. This “new man” can be likened to a safety boat. He will be there to support the woman as she absorbs the aftershock of the separation from her husband.
If there were something good that can come from an affair, it would be that it could actually save a marriage. There are some cases that the husband or wife will realize that they truly love their partner. Maybe during the affair they were just hazed with the emotions of pain and misery. The time can come that they will be able to forgive their partner and start over.

Women are more emotional than men. More often than not, when women are in an affair they get emotionally connected with their secret love. And remember, due to society’s double standards, women may have more to lose than men when they decide to take on an affair. That is why when they’re already there, remember that it took them a lot of courage to do so.

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Spot Psychotic Women: Learn To Avoid Meeting Girls That Are Batshit Crazy!
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Posted by Mark Flynn on April 30, 2013 | Short Link

Meeting and hooking up with women can be a lot of fun, indeed. That is, until you realize you hooked up with the wrong kind of girl! You certainly wouldn’t want to stay around no matter how beautiful she is if she is batshit crazy. But the thing is that you might not be able to run away as fast if she is psychotic. So you better prevent hooking up with this kind of girl. And to do so, you will need to spot crazies right away and learn just where to meet women who are exciting, beautiful and most especially, not psychotic. Here are some useful tips to use to spot psychotic women right away.

Understanding How They Work

woman with knife looking crazy drawing

Crazy women: why do they do what they do?

The thing is that being psychotic is not for the unattractive alone. Those you need to look out and avoid at all cost are the beautiful and angelic crazy women. Those who can sweep you off your feet before you know it. You will have to know where to meet women who are likely to be crazy and those who are decent. Decent women will surround themselves with decent friends. Crazies go out with just about anybody they feel like it. You will be able to tell by observing their behavior too. Psychotic women often are exciting but they always verge from being statically happy to being depressed. See their mood swings and how they conduct fun activities. If a beautiful woman can’t seem to have enough fun and turn pouting when you call it for the night, then it is likely you are with someone unstable. A little bit of awareness on this matter is important especially if you are out to have some serious relationship in the future.

The Needy Individual

woman that won't let go of man from behind

Needy women often go crazy first.

It is always a good sign to trust your instinct. Since you lay eyes on her, you might suspect that there is something odd about her as long as you are not blinded by her gorgeous appearance. Craziness can’t be hidden or covered; eventually, it will come out even within the few hours you talk with her. When you are in conversation with her, you can see that she is somehow very needy and requires your attention very often. She is not only trying to attract and get your attention, she will be clingy, needing you to always look at her and listen to her alone or else she will pout the rest of the night away. Whenever you turn around or you are distracted by other things, she will always try to get your attention again and again. Knowing where to meet women who are likely to be clingy and will need you to adore them all the time, then you can simply avoid the place. Such place can be gothic clubs or settings or certain community clubs, such as the dramatic clubs, the vampire taverns, and such places. Yes, these places do exist and you can check them out, if you want to. So, whenever you encounter the needy type, which is likely in these places, be sure to avoid her and never give her your real phone numbers.

The Anger Control

image of pastel - man yelling into phone at office with papers surrounding him

Controlling your anger is KEY in these situations

When you meet up someone on the places where to meet women casually and she is somehow showing rather odd behavior, it is time for you to be careful. You need to avoid women with anger control issue, especially if she is wacko and psychotic enough to cause damages and harm. When you meet up for the first time, there is nothing wrong about asking her what she likes, what she dislikes, and the things that may annoy her. Observe her reaction and her behavior. If she quickly turns from the friendly and all smiling face into being argumentative and full of anger, you need to be careful. Women like this hide so much anger within and they can ‘explode’ any time they want to. They usually have very limited anger control and they can go berserk whenever they are feeling hurt. They are sensitive creatures and will go really crazy whenever things don’t go according to their plan. Even when you are not making mistakes, but when they feel that you are doing something wrong, they will go crazy.

The Phone Stalkers

mobile phone drawing

Phone stalking: a favorite tool of the female psycho breed!

When you meet up with a girl and exchange numbers, it is a common sign that both of you are attracted to each other. However, when she starts texting you or even calling you – within minutes after the number exchange! – You need to consider changing your number. This type of girl is a stalker type and she will relentlessly chase you around. When she starts texting you even when both of you are still within the same club and even sitting on the opposite directions of each other, it is your cue to change your own number. Wait for several days later to see her next reactions. If she starts calling you more than three times a day, texting you once every 10 minutes, and trying to make you engaged into unimportant talk or chat, you need to change your numbers right away. Or else, your life will be a living hell.

The Drug Users

Beware of the drug users. You certainly know that drug users are people with emotional roller coaster and unstable mood. And you wouldn’t want any relationship with women like that – no matter how gorgeous they are. When you meet her the first time at the popular places where to meet women who love clubbing so much and seemed to be out of her wits all the time, you really need to stay away from her. You can also spot on whether she is drunk or not. When she is unable to talk coherently and is always out of focus or she often speaks in slurred behavior, you need to take a few steps back and walk away. Being involved with them will only be tiring in the end, so avoid the possibility of that future prospect.

The Opportunist One

hot girl that looks like a gold digger

Avoid the gold digging women that only look for money!

They are basically gold diggers. They usually hang out in places that are exclusive and high ends. You can immediately spot them. They look sophisticated and also high end, with their branded items and their well manicured nails. From the first time you meet her, she wants to know about your financial condition. She asks where you work, what kind of job you have, your financial stability, the kind of property you have, and such things that are still related to your financial elements. She judges you from the way you look, the branded items you have – your watch, your shirt, your cell phone – and the stuffs that you own. If you like this type, go ahead. But remember that she is only available for your money only. It is the only thing she is after.

The Self Centered Type

When you first meet her, the topic that she likes is obvious: it is all about her. She doesn’t have the chance to ask you anything because she is too busy talking about her life and herself in general. If you meet someone like this, think again if you really want to hook up with her because once you have established a relationship with her, the focus of everything will be about her and her alone. Do you really want to have such kind of life?

Knowing where to meet women is important, but the most important thing is to avoid crazy chicks hanging to places you what to meet women who will make your life more complicated and harder in the future. Of course, it’s hard to know where you’ll meet these women, and it’s certain that there’s no “crazy filter” on the top sites to meet women online – but you can lean on sites like meeting-women-online.com to get an assessment of past dating experiences and figure out for yourself the best places to meet women in your area. Be sure to spot the “crazy bitch” signs and you’ll avoid complicating your life for no reason. After all, there’s no fun in dating someone who’s so psychotic that she belongs in an asylum!

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Features of the iOS5 that You May Not Be Aware of
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Posted by Mark Flynn on March 8, 2013 | Short Link

If you are a proud owner of an iOS5 and you think that this device is designed just for making and receiving phone calls; then you are absolutely wrong! This device is packed with features that will make your user experience a truly wonderful one.

Here are some features that you may not even be aware of:

Private Browsing

Ok, let’s admit it; virtually every adult has some sort of secret that we do not want the whole world knowing about. Often times, we may want to log on to certain websites and keep it a secret from other people. Or may want to see what an ex is up to on their facebook page or on their blog – this activity will be best kept from a current boyfriend/girlfriend. The iOS5 device is designed to allow users browse privately, all they need to do is to simply change to the “Private Browsing” mode – they can change to private browsing utilizing the Safari web browser.

Hiding Caller ID

There are times that you may not want the person you are calling to know that you are the one who is calling them up. Users who do not want their phone number to be displayed on the phone of the person that they are calling can conceal their caller ID with a special iOS5 feature. Users just need to go to Open Settings, turn off the Show My Caller ID app. Users will also take note of a feature that can be employed for Call Forwarding where they can re-set it in order to have the calls to their iPhone forwarded to another number.

 IOS 5 HD desktop wallpaper : High Definition

IOS 5 HD desktop wallpaper : High Definition

Get a Heads up On the Weather every Hour on the Hour

Seeing the weather forecasts by the day is just not accurate enough. There are times when the weather forecasts starts off of the day by predicting a warm weather; but ends up raining cats and dogs. If you are in the event planning business and you are quite concerned about the weather then you will be glad to know that the iOS5 has a unique feature that will help you know how the weather is like every hour. You will be able to know the present situation concerning the weather. If you are able to know the weather conditions way before hand, you will be able to successfully get yourself prepared to better suit the weather conditions.

iOS 5: The Top 5 New Features

iOS 5: The Top 5 New Features

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Five Aphrodisiac Foods You Must Try
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Posted by Mark Flynn on March 7, 2013 | Short Link


An Aphrodisiac is a drug or food that heightens sexual desire. The term originates from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. In the earlier times, procreation was an important aspect of life and aphrodisiacs were sought to boost fertility and counter sexual anxieties.

Today, couples the world over go through patches of low sexual desire where physical intimacy takes a back seat. This is where Aphrodisiac foods come in handy. They not only get you all charged up for some superb love making, they also are a great alternative to over the counter potency drugs.

And you don’t need to wait for the ‘low patch’ to try these super foods with your partner. Great that you have a rocking sex life which is the envy of everyone around you. Throw in some of these delectable treats from time to time and see you partner all wired up for some passionate time together.


You probably have heard this already. But there is a scientific reason behind why chocolates find a place in romantic evenings the world over. Chocolate contains chemicals that boost the production of serotonin, a brain hormone linked to sexual desire. However, some researchers do argue that the effects of chocolate are more psychological than physiological.

Chocolate Box of Chocolate Candy

Chocolate Box of Chocolate Candy



Its suggestive phallic shape aside, the banana is a power house of nutrients such as potassium and vitamin B that boost the production of sexual hormones. Bananas also contain the bromelain enzyme which is known to enhance male libido. The next time you plan to get cozy with your partner, a banana pudding or a banana cake might just be the dessert you want to share before you get into the act!


Almond has been known as a symbol of fertility and in some Asian cultures; newlyweds are fed almonds to boost their sexual appetite. Its aromas are known to evoke sexual desire in women. Whether it is giving your partner an almond oil massage, munching chocolate coated almonds together or cooking up an almond aphrodisiac recipe for dinner, you can never go wrong with almonds.

 Almonds are high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a strong ...

Almonds are high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a strong …


The Egyptians used honey to cure infertility and sterility. A natural aphrodisiac, its dripping, sticky, golden texture evokes passion and takes sexual desire to the next level. In the ancient times, newlyweds were made to drink a honey concoction every night until the first new moon after getting married.


You must have come across Vanilla scented candles and fragrances. Its exotic and sensual smell is believed to cause sexual excitement and a general sense of elation in both men and women. Try Vanilla cookies, vanilla cheesecake or simply Vanilla popcorns. Better still, the next time you want to get all high with your partner, infuse your love nest with subtle vanilla fragrance or dip into a vanilla scented bath and experience a new high in passion.   

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The Real You & Success: a BluePrint
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Posted by Mark Flynn on March 6, 2013 | Short Link

For many years the debate about how to achieve success has been discussed, and even then there is no right answer. However, the most widely accepted answer is that success comes to those people who engage in activities which they love to do. Therefore, in order for people to figure out what they love, they will have to analyze who they are and what are their areas of interest. This requires them to think of their preferences and be confident about them. People must define what they want to achieve from life; having a set of goals will help keep them on track. People must learn how to embrace their uniqueness and convert it into strengths that others may not have. All these acts will help people define who they really are. Once people have defined their interest, they can opt for activities which will complement them.

Individuals, who disguise their real personality, will constantly face hardships in their lives. They will opt for tasks which only appeal to them for artificial reasons, and not because they would enjoy working on them. Such individuals thus tend to opt for activities in which they have no interest and they will end up doing work that is out of alignment with their real selves. They will often whine and crib about their task and work and will never make an effort to perform better. With no effort being made for improvement, they will not see the top. Success does not come easily to such people.

My Greatest Fear Is That There Isn't PMS And This Is My Real

My Greatest Fear Is That There Isn’t PMS And This Is My Real

On the other hand, the people who opt for activities that they are interested and enjoy doing are more likely to see the top. How is that possible? Well, when people choose paths that they are interested in, they enjoy working on their everyday task. For such people, their work generates energy and their time seems to fly by. Such people tend to perform full heartily on their assigned duties, and makes an effort to get them right every time. Such people want to see themselves excel in their profession. Also individuals who engage in activities which they like to do, often also strive to improve themselves and become better performers. Better performing and hardworking individuals, tend to experience success earlier. Individuals with their achievements and aims will constantly try to achieve them throughout their lifetime. Thus this attitude, will help them to live a prosper future.

From the above, it is clear that a person can obtain success only if they understand who they are. Success is experienced through years of hard work, commitment and effort. Individuals, who are pretending to be someone else, cannot derive the requirements for success and thus they rarely get to experience it. People who behave themselves, not only attain success in their lives but they also attain; real friends, actual achievements, life lessons and several more opportunities. Success thus is only hard for those who do not know who they are; people who do can easily achieve true success. 

Understand to your self

Understand to your self

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Why You Should Consolidate Credit Card Debt
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Posted by Mark Flynn on March 4, 2013 | Short Link

Credit cards make shopping easy as people do not have to carry cash around. They can also be used when there is need to fund short-term income needs, an emergency rise in expenses or to even make special purchases that might not have been budgeted for. The challenge of using these cards is that they encourage impulse and more often than not people find themselves in bad credit card debts. When balances keep accruing on your credit card, you simply run into bad credit card debt.

When repaying your credit card balances becomes difficult, you risk damaging your credit history and record. This is even worse where you have a number of credit cards, all accruing balances that you have been unable to clear. To correct the situation, you might need to weigh options such as consolidating all your credit card debts.

Why Consolidate?

The main reason for credit cards is to provide the users with short-term financing. Therefore, the costs of maintaining the debts on credit cards are high because of the high interest rates charged. In most cases, the cost of servicing credit card debt is higher than that of servicing normal loans such as unsecured and secured personal loans.

Cost Reduction

The main reason for consolidating credit card debt is to cut down these costs of maintaining the cards. Most credit card debt consolidation companies offer the service at relatively low interest rates compared to those you are charged on your credit card debts. Therefore, you will save quite a lot of money in terms of reduced interest rates when you opt for credit card debt consolidation.

 Balance transfer is one way to consolidate credit card payments.

Balance transfer is one way to consolidate credit card payments.

Reducing Creditors

Another reason for consolidating credit card debts is that when you have more than one credit card, you are likely to have several creditors. This can damage your credit record, which can lead to poor credit score. Accessing loan facilities from financial institutions can be difficult with such a record. If you manage to do, you will be charged high interest rates. Consolidating means that you will have only one creditor.

How Credit Card Debt Consolidation Works

When seeking credit card debt consolidation, you look for a company that will charge you the lowest interest rates. The consolidation company will finance the clearing of all your credit card debts, leaving you with only one creditor. Therefore, you will have a new loan with the company, of which you will repay every month or as agreed. Normally, the interest rates charged on the consolidation loan are lower.

 Avoid Bankruptcy with Credit Card Debt Settlement

Avoid Bankruptcy with Credit Card Debt Settlement

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How Does The Music Industry Judge Talent For Songwriters?
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Posted by Mark Flynn on February 27, 2013 | Short Link

When talented artists are trying to make their way into the industry of their choice, they often stop to wonder how does the music industry judge talent? The fact is that depending on the kind of talent you possess, there are different ways in which the main players of the music business go hunting for talent. The most common way of course is through singing competitions which are organized by the industry itself, but what happens for songwriters who are trying to make a name for themselves?

Like any other industry in the world, it requires a certain amount of skill to get into professional songwriting . But apart from just that, one also has to have a working knowledge of the industry as well. It requires preparation on the behalf on the songwriter, so that they can achieve what they have been looking out for. Songs require certain stylistic influences that make it pleasant for the listeners and being able to understand these is the first step to knowing how does the music industry judge talent. The craft in itself is quite important to the judges, who need something other than just passion to base their decisions upon.

Judge songwriter talent

Judge songwriter talent

Another way of looking at how does the music industry judge talent is the amount of success a songwriter comes with. If a song written by a person has been picked up by a number of bands or is being played by many different people, it is bound to catch the attention of some major music executive. After all, if the audience is already demanding it, it is bound to be a success! To make it in the industry, keep putting your material out into the world so that it can be noticed!

Another thing that helps is getting an agent. Few people understand the inner workings of an industry as well the agents that source talent for them. If you can find one that appreciates the work you have done, then it gives a very good chance for getting a foothold in the songwriting business. This means making original compositions and recording demo tracks to send out to music companies! It may sound tiring but it is worth it.

Get good chance in music industry : songwriting business

Get good chance in music industry : songwriting business

The music industry is always looking for something fresh, which can boost its own earnings as well. Even if this means passing over the truly passionate and talented people for someone that can sell. This is one important thing to keep in mind when understanding how does the music industry judge talent.

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